Cinderella – English Part 4

Cinderella - Part 4

The next evening, Cinderella heard her stepsisters squealing and shrieking as they left to go to the ball without her.

“I’m so tired of waiting for the day I can leave this place,” sobbed Cinderella, “I wish that I could run away tonight…”

In a flash of blinding white light, a beautiful girl with violet hair and a flowing dress appeared. Cinderella screamed.

“Hush! Do not be frightened Cinderella. I am your fairy godmother, come to rescue you from this terrible place!”

Cinderella was confused. “Me? Why me?”

The Fairy Godmother smiled and sighed.

“Oh Cinderella, you poor girl. You are the kindest, sweetest girl in all of the Kingdom, and if the Prince were to meet you, he would fall in love instantly. You shall go to the ball tonight – nobody deserves it as much as you do.”

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